Hey! Event planners!

Are you planning a music showcase?  Do you want to get people talking about it? Offer more value for the ticket price, sell more tickets, and spend less on advertising?

Why not throw a contest?

We at Createwear Apparel are all about the arts and supporting the underground, so, if you're expecting 100 or more ticket sales and have at least 3 hometown artists performing you qualify for sponsorship consideration.

What does sponsorship get me?

+Custom branded apparel with your logo for giveaway or sale

+Createwear branded retail apparel to add to your prizepack($50 minimum MSRP)

+Not sure how to best create a contest that appeals to your guests? We have a series of questions to help you understand your guests better and how to excite them at your events.

+Free design work on "enter to win" poster picture of prizepack

+We'll help with the advertisement budget by promoting the contest on our end and targeting your likely guests from our Facebook ad account.

*We'll set up a dedicated booth for artist and event merch staffed by Createwear Apparel
*Promotional pricing on Createwear Apparel at the event designed to move event/artist merch every time we sell something.

oookaaaay.. What are you selling...?

Well if we feel our vibes match your vibes(creativity driven, passion for the arts, community loving) then we want to work with you to create a winning environment for underground music.  The above is included for approved events in our custom event merch sponsorship package

*For us to attend your event we need to be reasonably sure there will be at least 100 guests, we have to have that date available and we have to be able to get there(at the moment, the closer to the lower mainland the easier for us to attend).

So how much...?

To make this work for both of us we require a minimum purchase of $264+tx on printed clothes(eg. 24 basic Ts with 1 colour print) or $290+tx on embroidered clothes(eg. 12 snapbacks with 3D raised embroidery and digitizing included). 10% of the price goes to our ad budget on the contest.
 If you'd like us to sell your merch we don't charge commission for items made through us instead we hold a sale on our products with the purchase of event or artist merch. 

Drop us a line at customer.service@createwearapparel.com or 778-242-2546 and lets get creative!