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JBlaq (Jordan Blackman) was brought to this earth 01-07-1993 in London, Ontario. He moved to Abbotsford BC while he was quite young. He is extremely passionate about his craft as well as basketball which he played throughout high school winning championships and continuing on to play post secondary for one of the best teams in Canada.

JBLAQ started his music/rap career only 1 year ago and yet has released multiple tracks and performed many shows across the lower mainland. Jordan is a multi talented man from musical inclination to athletic prowess.

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The Making Of "Don't Mind If I Do"

To give one a perspective on how much work was put into the creation of this project, one must first understand the struggle of a kid coming up in a very low income house hold, with a full time job, and a crippling mental illness.
The amount of hours writing, trying to find that style that finally would fit the direction I was trying to move in, truly put myself to an ultimate test of sorts. At points I felt like I wanted to quit music, isolate my self from friends and family, and just turn everything off.
Another crucial aspect to emphasize the work that was bled into "Don't mind If I Do", was the money. I was broke as fuck, and had to save enough money to purchase a macbook pro, and mix/master/record everything ON MY OWN... -Neyvone
To read the rest click the link to his bandcamp page.

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