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Throwing a killer show

Throwing a killer show

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Developing your musical talent while expanding your fan base and learning new skills from the inspiration of others.

Every artist and band starts small. It takes time, experience and good connections to know how to throw a killer show. The first thing you will need is music to present.

Write songs practice

Practice. Listen to yourself. Improve.

Start off by developing your skill sets. If you are determined to play guitar and sing, then you must practice both. Practice guitar on its own, singing on its own, and singing and playing at the same time. If you find it hard to manage both at once, opt to play lead guitar and do back up vocals, or do lead vocals and back up guitar until you are comfortable doing both. Another thing to consider is how you sound. Record yourself practicing and listen back so you can see what areas need more work. Don’t forget to record your shows too though. When performing live there are added aspects which can lead to lower performance such as stage fright, distractions, drinks, and tokes. You may think you play fine after four beers, but once you sober up make sure to listen back to your performance and see how it sounds. Whether you mix music, play an instrument, or do vocals, explore your talent. Try new things until you find what you love and then work at it until you excel.

 Killer show fireworks

Go to killer shows. Learn how to throw killer shows.

Before you can throw that killer show you need to know what a killer show looks like. If you are throwing concerts for your friends and family in your backyard- but want to be playing at clubs and local venues, go to lots of concerts at the clubs and venues you want to play at. Observe what the bands and artists who are playing those shows are doing. Try to connect with them and seek advice. In addition to seeing some great shows, you will expand your horizons. You will hear new music, learn new strategies to increase your fan base, meet new artists and get more acquainted with the music community. The flood of new information and seeing other artists acquiring the success you desire can be very inspirational.

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Get Inspired. Get Motivated. Get Connected.

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