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  • So You’re Doing It Yourself. DIY and Social Media Tips.
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So You’re Doing It Yourself. DIY and Social Media Tips.

So You’re Doing It Yourself. DIY and Social Media Tips.

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 Every kid in a band used to dream about getting a record deal and making it big. It was hard to create a fan base outside of your hometown without the exposure record labels offered. Luckily, the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube makes it much easier for artists to get exposure. These tools are priceless for today's musicians. However, it is important to remember that not all people use all sites, so it is wise to use multiple social media outlets to reach a broader audience.

Create a page. Make it badass. Reach the world.

Reach the world

Taking the time and effort to create badass pages pays off. It skyrockets your chances of reaching followers, viewers and fans, as well as your likelihood to show up closer to the top of the page when Googled. Think of the last time you Googled something and couldn’t find it. How did you feel? Likely frustrated and disappointed. And I’m betting you didn’t Ask Jeeves. Make it easy for fans to find you. Make your pages visually appealing and include exciting new content to keep them coming back for the latest deets.

Simply having an awesome page isn’t enough though. If you post content and your fans are responding that’s a great start. Respond to their comments. Make them feel special, and like they have a way to communicate and connect with you. On Facebook, for example, comments and likes keep the post relevant and near the top of news feeds. If you only have a few people commenting, by responding to their comments and having conversations with them you are keeping your posts alive, Thereby reaching more people who may potentially comment, or like them.

Link it up. Cross promote. Do it right.

Leads to Business

Createwear would love to help promote your music and products.

Check out Sick Nation Production's Collection Page as an example. Featured artists and labels each have their own page which includes a brief bio (detailed bio’s soon to come), featured music or music video(s), links to their social media outlets and websites, and their products that are being sold through Createwear's website. If you would like to be a featured artist on createwearapparel.com check out our Merch Services Page as linked above.

By teaming up with Createwear, your Fans will be able to easily buy your product online, connect with you through social media, listen to your tunes and find information about upcoming shows.

Up your game. Do it for free. Do it better.

Learn Free

Not awesome with technology? When there is a will, there is a way! Sign up for a free social media class online (just Google “Free social media classes” and bask in the 65,300,000 hits). Or we can take some of the work out for you. Check back regularly for the next set of tips on building your brand. We will be going over each social media site in depth as well as how to monitor your success!

Once you have the hang of it remember to keep nurturing your pages. It’s a real bummer for fans to check back for new content only to find that you haven’t posted in the last three months. Once a month is the bare minimum to keep fans engaged. Try to post something cool for fans to check out once a week. whether it’s pictures of your latest adventures, information on upcoming events, a biography of your members, or a picture of your new guitar and some information on how it will increase the sound quality at your shows. Give them something regularly to keep them coming back for more.


Reach the world make it happen

While it's ok to share somethings on all your platforms, try to give each social media site something a bit different. This will encourage fans to check out all of your pages that they follow. You don't want them to only check out your twitter because they know that you only automate all your posts so that your content is the same everywhere.

Check out other artists’ pages and see what you like about them. What draws you in? What makes you keep coming back? Then then to compare yours. Does yours live up to the same standard? If not, don’t fret, just keeping working at it until it looks great.


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