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  • Up your game! 10 tips to help musicians build a career at any stage of development
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Up your game! 10 tips to help musicians build a career at any stage of development

Up your game! 10 tips to help musicians build a career at any stage of development
Starting today, Createwear is going to be releasing tips for musicians. The tips will help those who are just starting out or want to up their game. Check back regularly for the latest concepts to help you boost the money you bring in, your fan base, ideas to get your name known, and more!


Connect, Connect, Connect. There is no I in fame.

 Connect. Connect. Connect.

Simply being the most talented lyricist or guitar player in the world won't drive you to fame. Success requires that a lot of people not only know about you, but are talking about what you’re doing. Some people are lucky and get scouted by chance on YouTube. A video went viral, and fame practically landed in their lap. Sadly, most of us will have to work for exposure.


Networking. Meet people like you. Learn from them.

Networking. Learn from others.

Having connections in the music industry will really help get your name out there. Also, the more people you know, the more people you will meet. Networking with other artists and people who work in the field is crucial for success because unfortunately you can’t just read a book on how to become a famous or successful musician. Luckily, you can learn from what others have tried, and are doing that works. The more connections you have within the industry the more opportunities you will have to learn tricks of the trade. Established relationships can also offer guidance and support. Finding a successful mentor is always awesome, but if you can’t find a mentor don’t worry! All people are unique and will likely have some tidbit of useful information you can use to help build up your career.

Collaborate. Help fans find great music. Get exposure.


 If you know musicians with similar sounds to you, why not propose you collaborate on a song? Fans of both artists will be drawn to listen to the new track, and both artists will reap the benefits of new listeners and get more exposure. If you are planning a show at a local venue, consider teaming up with other local artists to draw a bigger crowd. What goes around comes around. Have a musician friend coming into town for a while? Ask them if they would like to perform during your show as a featured act. This may help them create a fan base outside of their local area, in return they may invite you to play with them in the future. Accept help from others, and build others up.

Go party. Meet people. Promote yourself.

Go Party.

A few weeks before you plan to play a show, be more outgoing than usual. Get out and meet people. Reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while. Through natural conversation it is likely that they will ask you what you do, or what it is that you have been doing in the past while. This is the perfect opportunity to invite them to come to your show. Connecting on social media is great; however, it is easy to ignore event invites and forget to reply to messages. Being invited in person not only makes people feel a little bit more special (they weren’t mass messaged yay), it increases the chances of them remembering the details of the event. 


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